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Steve 2, The Fall of Margaritavile

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Feb 22, 2014
by SteveFreeling on Feb 22, 2014
Aug 9, 2006
Truth be told? I liked the first Steve adventure better.

However, I only gave you a 7 for that little gem - and I feel a little guilty. You definitely have a unique style.

Good job. Mormons. Leprechauns. Corollas. Ha. Good times.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Aug 9, 2006
Dec 18, 2005
Fucking great! Amazing improvement over your previous effort. I can see youu actualy spent some time getting this one right, fan-fucking-tastic. Look forward to seeing what else you can do, Fuzzynuts.
by donteatpoop on Dec 18, 2005
Dec 10, 2005
8 for pure effort. Huge rooms, and a little bit of looping cheating but that's ok.

And there's the fact that everyone else liked your first story except me.
by jeffisthebest on Dec 10, 2005

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