All Is Fair in Hate

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Yes, I will concur with the other two and say you are a good writer but I had to detract two points because of the level of deja vu this story entailed. I feel like I have read the same story many times over, and while this is unique and individual in its own right it is comparable to many other works on this site and for this reason I gave it an 8.

Other than that nice job keep up the good work.
by apotheosis on Nov 24, 2006
by Ella on Jun 13, 2005
This is a fantastic story! I can't wait to finish it! :) I love the name, Keiya. I have the page I ended on bookmarked. I'll keep checking back. Love ya!
by Ella on Jun 13, 2005
To say that you are a good writer would be a gross understatement. You rock out.
by donteatpoop on Jun 9, 2005
You are a good writer.

That said, you need to work on the structure of your story. The reader will not bother to try to navigate through the maze of unended paths you have created. Add on to another story to get the hang of it.
by jeffisthebest on Mar 18, 2005

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