Dream Catchers

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by Matabichos on Feb 27, 2008
by meteomage on Dec 30, 2006
This is...well, trippy, really. The approach of only asking one question is interesting, but it doesn't work well when you can always hit the back button. ^_^;;; The hiding of information is rather annoying, but...that's the point, isn't it?

The only issue I had with it was that there is a serious lack of descriptive details. You spend so much time focusing on how to weave all of the loose rooms that the "real world" doesn't seem real. The lack of detail kinda makes sense for the dream world, since it adds to the confusion...but I kinda thought the real world should have more solid descriptions to make it appear real.
by Usoki on Apr 16, 2006
Very good.Can't wait to see how this turns out!
by HopeStar on Nov 18, 2004
by Darkangel666 on Aug 15, 2004
Very cool! I like what I've read so far...I can't wait to read on. I especially enjoy how you really have to decide what questions to ask, when you can only ask one. Very creative!
by Izzers on Apr 24, 2004

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