City of the Dead

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by aidenj on Mar 9, 2017
I love zombie media, movies, books ect. I am just in love with the whole genre. That being said, you could definitely use more description and details to enhance the plot.

Also, I took off several points because you torch a zombie using wine?! This really pissed me off. Wine is only 12-14% alcohol by content, you are not going to be able to get a zombie up in flames with it no matter how hard you try. I want realism in my zombie stories, and that just ruined it so I took off 3 points. Would've been an 8, but it is now a five.
by apotheosis on Jun 17, 2007
by MonkKing on Jun 12, 2007
i thought it was a good story. if you added just a little more polish to it i would have given it a 10
by spartan008 on Mar 21, 2007
by razman on Feb 6, 2007
Man, I HATE it when I "wake up to the sounds of tarffic"!
What a buzzkill.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 20, 2005
Has alot of potential. An enjoyable read. Though the choices do tend to come up a bit fast.
by donteatpoop on May 26, 2005
I couldn't rate this story high. For one, seven endings come up in 9 pages or less, and one ending comes up in 10. The choices come way to quick, the reader doesn't read much until they have a choice. The good parts? It's humorous and has the potentional to be better.
by DMOC on Jan 22, 2005
Sorry, but I really hate stories that have only one path that doesn't lead to death/room. Know why? It's not a CYOA if you do that.

Good otherwise.
by jeffisthebest on Jan 21, 2005
Good job
by RiotGrrrl on Jan 17, 2005

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