A Trip to The Past

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I would say that the story has a good plot but it is not really a choose your own story. I really wish that when you find the other door you could look at other things besides the time machine. But overall I really enjoyed reading this. Nice short story when you five minutes free. I think that it is also a good thing that those other chooses are endings because then you could imagine what it is like by yourself.
by sparkles5680 on Mar 22, 2017
Not bad, but I basically picked EVERY single wrong choice possible. You should've made those choices actually a choice, because it basically is not a choose your own adventure, it's just a story. Kinda ruins the whole point of Infinite Story. But the story isn't bad, and the writing is good, so I'll still give it a good rating.
by ravenclawz on Jan 22, 2015
by Thickskullman on Aug 23, 2013
It's awesome. I just wish you could choose the laser sword.
by Lackofmop on Aug 5, 2013

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