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Another story that gets nowhere. Inconsistent style - is this meant to be funny or serious?
by Thickskullman on May 24, 2013
Not bad, but a few spelling errors. Fix all the links and this will be a great game
by Xt1000305 on Jun 3, 2012
by Chickenman on Jan 13, 2007
Story was great I can't wait to see where it goes.
by realmofwonders on Apr 3, 2006
by realmofwonders on Apr 3, 2006
One of your best. Not ENTIRELY believable, but almost. China is indeed a looming threat, with the fastest growing economy. It has also become the world's largest consumer of oil, and is producing more engineers and educated workers than the US. It's time we wake up to this new threat.

I find it funny, though, that you think George W. is our worst president ever. Very naive of you. Bill Clinton was in bed with the Chinese, and sold away valuable technology. You may hate the war in Iraq (and no war should ever be LOVED), but your Democrat friends in Washington are a far bigger threat than ol' George.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Jul 18, 2005
Good stuff for sure. Loved the plot line. Loved how t was sci-fi but not cliche sci-fi and filled with laser guns and spaceships. Interesting perspective on what could happen if the globe was dominated by China.
by donteatpoop on Jun 15, 2005
Very good. Nice long plot to it and it certainly interested me. I coudn't find the message but whatever. I would have to say that this is the best of your writing and I would like to see see more of it on future stories or used to fix up old stories.
by Karold on Nov 2, 2004
I give this a good rating because I think it's one of your best. I just read some of your others and then read this one which clearly shows good writing. The dialogue is great and so is the story line that has really good content on most of the pages. I look foward to reading more. Bravo!
by NCPolice55571 on Oct 23, 2004

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