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Somehow I get the feeling Rogues is never getting copied over to this sad old graveyard, no matter how many fond memories you have of desecrating corpses here...
by mizal on Jul 26, 2017
by mizal on Jul 26, 2017
Absolutely brilliant.
by admiralz on Oct 7, 2016
Holy crap dude that was so good. I got up to the year 101 and holy crap, i love it but feel kinda sad for the character you where playing but i loved it and hopefully you could make another one like this you are so good at these.
by jackhammer40k on Feb 23, 2015
Another Great Bloody story but the Twisted mind of The End Master All i can say is this is another AWesome story. End Master i hope you keep writing because this stuff is REALLY good.
by killuasilver on Oct 15, 2014
Absolutely bloody amazing story. It was so good, that I feel sad having to end it. There were some grammatical errors throughout and i felt as if most of the choices led to my dead. But the story was amazing and it didn't matter what i felt about the choices as the story was so good. End Master certainly has a strange mind, one could say twisted, but he is a brilliant writer.
by Madbrad200 on May 21, 2014
fan of your work man. You are awesome and this story is awesome. But I would say your true genius is in that twisted mind of yours.
by jcury on May 15, 2014
by Keter on Sep 5, 2012
by Zac6251 on Oct 14, 2011
by Locke on Oct 10, 2011

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