Dragon Slayer

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by KaticaLocke on Feb 20, 2008
by jp33 on Apr 12, 2006
Damn. This is the closest thing to a good story I've read from you packratt. Nice work for once. What's good about this is that it has a storyline instead of a bunch of random choices about which bong you're going to smoke from. What's bad about it is the lack of attention given to details. Describe the room or the old man or the weather outside or the damn dragon. That would have made this story better. Good plotline, though. It almost makes you seem respectable.
by donteatpoop on Sep 18, 2005
Gamer's right its tupid how you cant not answer the door. But pretty good.
by jeffisthebest on Oct 24, 2004
Oh, uh, I didnt want to answer the door. That is all.
by GaMeR86 on Oct 5, 2004

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