Big Purple Bear

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Pretty stinking funny.
by Lackofmop on Sep 16, 2013
by silentninja on May 3, 2010
This a very funny story. Good job! And by the way, when it says "quest to find your sister", why did you make your sister die? What's up with that? It's still hilarious! I love it.
by magic on Aug 2, 2009
Your stories suck harder than mine, so shuddup :]
by Vinn on Nov 11, 2006
by Erlend on Jan 21, 2006
love the fact that you travel around with a spare leg
by donteatpoop on Jun 13, 2005
Was alright.
by ZavuSilverlight on Feb 19, 2005
by DMOC on Jan 29, 2005
This boggled my mind...
by Karold on Nov 2, 2004
I like the storyline but was a bit disappointed when there had not been much involvement of the purple bear. It was funny but would have been more funny with the bear involved in more of the pages. I would have liked more of a winning ending than seeing what the bear does to my sister as I'm up in the tree. Had a great sense of humor throughout the story tho.
by NCPolice55571 on Oct 23, 2004
This story has some good laughs and was obviously put together by someone with a sense of humor. As for saving the sister, I think I tried all the ways and didn't manage the rescue. Thus I give it, 7.
by YazZMaN on Sep 22, 2004
by retlin on Sep 20, 2004

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