A New Home in the Country

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Unfortunately, not very consistent.
by Thickskullman on May 25, 2013
You set up your stories the same way I like to set up mine. Many paths open for possibility and the story can take any turn it wants into fiction, horror, fantasy, anything. But the way it's created the rooms are all pretty much logical and they make sense.

Great Job
by Dan2 on Aug 3, 2007
by EndMaster on Feb 9, 2007
In the beginning of reading it, I really felt like the author did a good job of leaking details about the place and it's past through memories, and I had hoped it would continue.

One of the choices that threw me a little from this story was, when you realised this was Suzie's old place, you run to the nearest town and look her up in the phone book. How lame is that shit?

It also had one room that involved some "reader picks the prop" choices. You known how I despise those. "Something comes around a bend, is it a dog, some guy with a gun pointed at you, or an old lady?" I just made that one up, but that's the kind of shit I'm talking about.

The additions of the other writers broughyt this down from an eight to a seven, and I'm tempted to go one step further for the six, but I'll hold back. You have the option to review other peoples' contributions for a reason, man.
by donteatpoop on Feb 7, 2007
by jp33 on Aug 11, 2006
Very descriptive!
by jeffisthebest on Nov 1, 2004
Great story, like the descriptive storyline which some writers tend to leave out. really like the creepiness of the doll. Look foward to reading more and possibly adding a couple of pages which I only do to storys I like. Definitly worth the read. Only suggestion I would add is maybe some pictures that match the story line to further capture the reader into the story.
by NCPolice55571 on Sep 7, 2004
This is fab - satisfyingly creepy and already quite a few authors. Keep it up.
by Bassoonist on Sep 6, 2004

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