A Very Pyoko Adventure

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Some parts I found hilarious, but I prefer realism in my stories, Grues are impervious to dangerous items - like for example Chuck Norris. Though they have a tendency to be afraid of the light, since they're that difficult to damage, fire should be no problem for them to endure. There are only a few ways of actually killing a Grue - unless by 'Grue' you meant Domo-Kun.

As said before, Grues are unsuitable for a story, unless you know how to kill one, and know what way to introduce the weaponrry to your story in a way that doesn't make the story too random, which will be complicated

This was hardly a story, yet had me grinning through a couple - or more pages, the rest of it wasn't suitable to a story site. You need more of a description, and further details, so I'll have to give this a five, as it is unfinished, and slightly too unrealistic. I'm talking about the way you produce the Grue here.
by TheCandyMan on Aug 31, 2011
This is the stupidest story ever!!!!!
by writer22 on Oct 30, 2006
People seriously gave this thing 10's?!! A feel I'm being generous with this three.
by donteatpoop on Jun 17, 2005
uh, okay. Actually, its bad but i gave it a six because of the totally hilarious wall part.
by jeffisthebest on Nov 13, 2004
Good story. If only it didn't have any loose ends I would give it a 10.
by YazZMaN on Nov 4, 2004
by Esper on Sep 24, 2004
by Backslider on Jul 20, 2004
by Detonator on Jul 16, 2004
This story is the bestest story ever made.
by Zaratustra on Jul 16, 2004

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