In the Dungeons of the Tickle Queen

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by Thickskullman on Jun 29, 2013
by topkills on Jul 30, 2010
by papesjr on Mar 4, 2009
by jpalus on Jun 26, 2008
Definitely doesn't deserve its extremely high ratings, but still a good story.
by jeffisthebest on Jan 21, 2006
by Ninja14 on Oct 10, 2005
Pretty well written and the author seems as though he/she was serious about it... last YEAR. Unfortunately, just another example of a reader/writer that was only here for a few months.

Also, the "This room under construction!" endings were inane, seeing as how the I-S engine already allows for when a choice has no room behind it.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 12, 2005
by roulette on Jun 15, 2005
by Alas on May 23, 2005
Outstanding! Simply one of the best that are out there. Storyline dialogue and scene description is great. I can visualise everything that is happening and this story will emerse the reader capturing their full attention. It's a great read.
by NCPolice55571 on Aug 13, 2004
i Love this story! can you please continue it! Please!
by Victoria7 on Jul 8, 2004
by Hammerforge on Jul 7, 2004

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