#Digiworld Adventure 2

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Wow, you actually found some guy named BillthePony to add to your shitty story. Too bad it still sucks beyond belief.

PS: You're going to hell for this.
by Dan2 on Sep 21, 2006
The mere fact that you made a sequel already gives me a negative bias. And even though it is better... I don't like it and it sucks. So you get a one.
by apotheosis on Sep 21, 2006
The first story was so awful that you had to make a sequel and get us all again, huh?

It's like TheStoolRaidGuy said, this story was slightly better than it's predescessor, but still terrible enough to make even the most ignorant reader cringe.
by YazZMaN on Jul 11, 2006
It's better than the other #Digiworld Adventure, but it still sucks.
by donteatpoop on Jul 2, 2005
Are there even homosexuals in Digimon?
by ZavuSilverlight on Feb 27, 2005
by ChubbyTeletubby on Feb 24, 2005
Right from the start I could tell this story was going to suck. I was right.
by jeffisthebest on Nov 5, 2004

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