Chronicles of Glenn!

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Reads more like an outline than a story; has potential IF ghahn tries to leave his sexism and homophobia out of his public work.
by penayr on May 15, 2007
More work and effort could've raised this stories rating substantially. It had 6-8 potential if you actually put in more work.
by apotheosis on Dec 6, 2006
This story wasn't very good, but comparitively speaking, it is far better than a one or two. It has a lot of problems, but the rooms ususally contain more than one sentence... which is usually where I throw the ones in.
by donteatpoop on May 13, 2006
Killing people with paper clips?! What Am I rambo, poo off.
by ZavuSilverlight on Feb 27, 2005
This story sucked
by jlsterrett on Aug 21, 2004

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