"Swift, Silent, & Deadly"

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Great story!
by PickleKing on May 17, 2019
Good. But I found some loose ends.
by DanielHS11 on Apr 20, 2019
The rating system confused me and I gave it the wrong score >.<
by FictionLV on Oct 27, 2018
by FictionLV on Oct 27, 2018
by Darkdeath on Jul 7, 2018
Good story, made me feel as if I was the soldier...
by SammieEM on Feb 6, 2018
Pretty good. I like the fact that it’s about military.
by MouthWorm on Jan 24, 2018
Pretty good, generally fun to play through.
Needs to fix many spelling mistakes, but overall a great story.
by dungeondelver on Nov 18, 2017
Really well written beside some mistakes, very interesting, and overall an excellent story.
by NinjaAssassin7685 on Oct 21, 2017
awesome story please keep me informed of any updates
by Phoenix4747 on Feb 20, 2010
relly good storie butit seems tojust go round and round in circles after a serten point
by shiningstar2009 on May 10, 2009
This story has some nice action, and I like your use of images but the grammar and writing structure could use some work. Overall it is a fairly decent story but it it could definitely use some editing.
by apotheosis on Jun 16, 2007
by drakes3 on Jun 6, 2007
by SeanDillonZ on Oct 11, 2006
by noots on Sep 6, 2006
by Chickenman on Aug 30, 2006
by shagggy on May 3, 2006
by messa on Oct 17, 2005
Great story, as usual. But the title bothers me. It makes me think of a bean burrito that got to you faster than you expected it to.
by donteatpoop on Jul 2, 2005
I bow to this. Not only do your write good room descs. but you use a vast array pictures as well. I tried using pictures alot but it didn't go too well. I also like this as it's an army story and the best one iv'e found on here.
by ZavuSilverlight on Feb 19, 2005
The story was good, the Mortal Kombat music made it better. Will you tell me how you added it?

(Also don't send the stories, I already have them)
by Karold on Nov 4, 2004
This story is really fun...And well written...But I can't believe you don't have "review rooms" on...Some people could put stupid crap on there.
by packratt5454 on Sep 30, 2004
by SimonF12003 on Sep 9, 2004

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