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Just simply not enjoyable. Some parts have terrible spelling or grammar, there's a lack of effort on the choices, and they're just too random. I hate the way some people think that this kind of randomness is funny. I'm giving you a 2 because you managed to write more than 3 rooms, and fortuantely you didn't have the worst put in effort.
by TheCandyMan on May 29, 2011
I like that this story has no sustenance, it's fun for when I have writers block
by KingMalice on May 9, 2010
Extremely funny.
by ychiang on Sep 27, 2007
Were just chiels that winna ding! And canna be disputed!

(Scotish language alert!)
by Leblanc4prez on Aug 24, 2006
I didn't think it would be possible for something to be very much WORSE than "Another Monday Morning".

I was wrong.
by michaelrayholt on Aug 22, 2006
Essentially like a crappy version of Another Monday Morning. There are a lot of choices but they lack any substance or effort. Not particularly funny or enjoyable.
by apotheosis on Aug 13, 2006
by Marshmello on Mar 17, 2006
If this wasn't one of the first stories (I actually think it was the first) to be posted on the site, it would be a 1. I think it's shit.

AAaand, for the record: I have written ONE room in this story. And it wasn't even the first room. Don't even know which one it was...

So don't blame me. It sucks. Yes. Get over it.
by TheKoolAidGuy on Nov 10, 2005
Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Do not write. Please, spare humanity of THAT.
by ChubbyTeletubby on Aug 27, 2005
A little too random. Not all that funny either. I respect that iit is a pioneering storym but I can't say that I liked it.
by donteatpoop on Jun 9, 2005
I like randomness. I also like J-lo giving me a blow job till I blow.
by ZavuSilverlight on Feb 19, 2005
YHEA oh man this one is so funny i mean nobody can think this sort of stuff up these days wow its so cool good one!!!
by Storm on Feb 6, 2005
Man I have a strong dislike of this story because of simple effort lack.
by Karold on Nov 12, 2004
You're dead! Give me a break!
by pellent on Aug 25, 2004
by SMThomas on Jul 5, 2004
Another Classic CYOA online story. Not particularly good by today's story standards, but I'll give it a 7 simply because its a guilty pleasure.
by EnderWiggin on Jan 12, 2004

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