Thiefswipe Thiefswipe

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Time Traveller by AgentRebellion Mar 17, 2009
Pretty good, but could be a bit longer. Still, i supose it is more accurate. Although why didn't they dress you up in medeval clothing from the start?
Faridell by Futurecast Jan 7, 2008
hmm, good story, but are yo going to fnish it? thereare a whole bunch of unfinished stories lying around infinate! Good luck and all that!
The Black Citadel by funkymango Jan 6, 2008
Wow! It can get hard to find to find your way through the halls, but other than that, A great story!
Really good story! can't wait to find out the ending(s)!
Darkness and Light by meteomage Jan 4, 2008
Hidden by Cat2000 Jan 4, 2008
Necromancer by EndMaster Jan 4, 2008