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Death Song by EndMaster Oct 5, 2007
I told you before how much I enjoyed "Necromancer." When you told me there was another story coming out that dealt with the characters, setting, and plot of it, I couldn't wait. I wasn't disappointed. Do you write stories other than on this site? Unlike most of the "writers" on here, you really have a knack for story. I'm an aspiring writer myself, and am currently trying to get some of my stories published, so I can really appreciate your talent. Thanks again for sharing.
You definitely have a warped and twisted sense of humor . . . as do I. Thanks for the story. I laughed my ass off.
Necromancer by EndMaster Aug 3, 2007
This story is fucking amazing. Thank you for that!
Paradise Violated by EndMaster Jul 30, 2007
Absolute garbage. Thanks for wasting my time.
Blind Date by Lucid Jul 18, 2007