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Wow, I couldn't stop laughing. This is great.
It wasn't extraordinarily terrible...
I lost interest in about...two pages. Sorry dude.
Be Ye Man? by yajonathan Jun 24, 2007
This story was funky...though, it was funny at some parts. It was at least unique.
You certainly have potential. Try using it on something original, rather than a game someone else created. Also, try using just one character, ya know? Having five characters to choose from is a bad idea, trust me, i've done it before and I was never ever able to write anything complete because of all the choices I had to offer, and all the dead ends that came from it.
At least this wasn't trash. Though it is a maze, it's a rather boring maze. There's no real reason for me to read this other than the fact that i'm bored out of my mind. C'mon, you can be more creative!
Alright, I am through with rating these stupid stories. I'm going to other stories more worth my time.
INTERNETS by Cheezah Jun 13, 2007

I didn't bother clicking on any of the choices provided. They were all in some kind of foreign I guessed it didn't matter if I couldn't read it.
Pokemon Revolution by Bryton779 Jun 13, 2007
I don't think this should be considered a story...