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Fun Day! by Leah1597 Jun 2, 2009
You have a sense of humor, and I like that. The robot beginning was rather creative. All of my points are yours for those reasons. Overall I didn't care for the story, but as a writer I'm sure you have potential.
Forest Dweller by Calen Jan 26, 2009
Calen, this story is damn near close to flawless. Really awesome work.
The Island of Destiny by Dan2 Jan 26, 2009
Wow... I randomly picked this story to read and I am so glad I did. What a wonderful addition to the site.

I was actually disappointed to reach an empty room. I'm fascinated by the story,and I can't wait to see where it is going.

The main reason I am giving you a 9 instead of a 10 is because I think the first room is really hard to get through. It is hard to get through because all the descriptions are built around the word "you" I think it is holding you back.
Necromancer by EndMaster Jan 8, 2008
This is the greatest love story ever written! I love a little gore with my romance. By far my favorite story on the site... possibly my favorite story ever written.
I'd like to give this story something higher- but I can't bring myself to do so. It would be better if your rooms had a little more detail and if you had a bit more attention to the characterization.
Darkness and Light by meteomage Mar 24, 2007
I love Love LOVE vampire stories. This one was fun too. I didn't approach it with any expectations. I like what you did with the story. I really enjoyed it.
Happy Monster Island by Phaleg Mar 24, 2007
I agree with Apoth. I love the pictures, they were beautiful. You have a way with words too. I hope you'll write more in the future.
The huge labyrinth by drums Mar 24, 2007
Drums, if you could add more description to the tunnels it would be much more interesting. Generally if a room consists of only one sentence the reader is going to be unsatisfied. A labyrinth is a cool concept though.
Summer Fling by kim19 Mar 24, 2007
OK, this is readable- plus the chick gets eatten out which is a good thing to have in any story. If you keep going and extend the scenes a bit more before offering the choices it would be a bit better. Also, most people don't really care to make choices about the characters food. If you are ready to end a room just use "continue..." or "next page" or something. It doesn't all have to end with a choice. Anyway, I'd read something else written by you. :) And I know a boob tube is usually a strapless shirt.
Ground Zero by EndMaster Jan 7, 2007
Since everyone seems to either love or hate this story, and I love it i figured it needs a 10.
Alpha Wolf by EndMaster Jan 3, 2007
Hey there Handsome,
you know I love this story. I think it's one of the best on the site, and I can't let it go down in history without being rated!
The Teatime Of Infinity by Usoki Dec 30, 2006
You've got mad grammar skills, originality, great characterization. The story flows even at slower points when it seems to loose momentum you bring it back to a steady pace. Nicely done chap, nicely done.
Ok, to be honest this story needs some work, however, I can see where you are coming from. You have a good starting point and with some tweaking this could be a decent story. It looks like you're really good at developing a plot, the thing to work out is getting that plot to work for the reader. Don't give up, just regroup a few things.
Vixen Manor by CelticFrostQueen Dec 30, 2006
This is a fun story! I've heard a lot about you as a writer, because there aren't many girls around here. I glanced through this story once before but I didn't have time to give it the attention it deserves. Now that I've read more of it I agree with the rest you are great!
This is a great story! It's a cool idea and well executed. If you fix the typos on the first page it would be a 10! The pictures are a nice touch as well.