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ninja lengend by bloo Dec 19, 2007
The rooms were crap first of all, no structure at all and bucket loads of mistakes. I thought it couldn't get any worse, but then I found that it was a Naruto story. With all this wound into won you story gets a score of 1 bowl of Ramen soup out of 10. Fuck you Naruto.
This story, to me, is a bunch of random humor that at times add nothing to the already random story and I really enjoyed what I read.

Like DEP said it could have had a serious aspect to it. I would have liked to see that. Still, without that, great story. 8/10
Full Moon Woods by xanderlover Jul 2, 2007
This would be a horrible example of a Wearwolf story (is that how you spell wearwolf?). I give this a rating of 3 full moons.
I don't even know why I read a story when it already has a rating of 1 and a half. Well I guess I do. It's so the rating was lower. Take that you waster of my time!
Nice. I liked that very much. I'm a fan of Potthead and that was a nice twist on things. The pictures added spice. Kind of linear though, still had some variety of ways to kill students, teachers, and others. Overall good story, couple of typos, but good none the less! Sequel????
a normal thursday by aidino Sep 21, 2006

I hope this thing's on, cause this story sucked. That's it. And that's all I got to say about that, cause Stone Cold said so.
Jolly good show, sparrow. A good Idea for a story, but small rooms with little detail. I still liked it, good show.
Random Story by dollface Jun 27, 2006
Dollface.... You should be sentanced to read all of the rooms.... Twice.
Wrestle War by twrock Jun 27, 2006
I like the idea, but WTF. Kinda gay. I love wrestling. I just stumbled upon this story and though, "Cool". I was wrong. Mabye I'll make my own.
Random so yeahh by CoolCatChaaa Jun 18, 2006
That was worse than the new All Baby network on DTV.
Good story and you completed it in one day. And it had minor spelling errors from the rooms I ventured to.

I will have to agree with Chubby that it has a lot of branches and that could get messy. It has in some of the stories I've read.

But, this story has a great plot, how to get the cash to get schoolin' and have some fun along the way.

Final Score: 8 and a half, oh wait, I can only do incrimants of one, darnit. 8 it is!

HITMAN by secretscope May 17, 2006
Paco Valdez by donteatpoop May 16, 2006
G8 story
Blind Date by Lucid May 14, 2006
When Zombies Attack by YazZMaN May 14, 2006