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Always love discovering more of my many old accounts! Anyway, I figured I might as well do something semi-productive with this one before I put it back away (for good?).

I'd love to give this one a 10 in order to counterbalance the 1 you got from that retarded kid Gojo (or whatever his name is), but I can't; you already have a BUNCH of 10s and hence the average rating rating of the story is already a little higher than what I feel it deserves.

So anyway, here's a well-earned 8. This story is a mixed bag, but you've done an incredible job keeping the quality of the rooms very high. It really is "Another Monday Morning" as it should have been. I know my rating doesn't really reflect the effort that went into this, since it's based entirely on my enjoyment from reading it, so I want to also say that you've done a good job getting other people involved at this site and making a huge-ass story.