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Alas another whining liberal. Bush is no stooge and his earthly deeds aren't that bad espically compared with Teddy "Run a pregnant woman into the water and let her drown" Kenedy.
A bit graphic but hillarious
This is good, I love the Clancy style feel of it. The characters dialouge is a little bland, but that's not a big deal. I also like the weapon descritpions remind me not to tick off the CIA...
Hired Assasin by NCPolice55571 Apr 23, 2005
Not bad I like the whole mob thing.
Cool music but too many dead ends.
Not bad but you need to add to it I ran into some dead ends and I think you'd be better at making it than I, oh and where did you get that Halloween music , it's cool.
PS Did you ever play The Suffering