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Good writing style, although the plot is a bit cliched. Maybe you could add a few twists as you expand it- the ghost isn't really a ghost, Christian ain't really who you think he is, etc.
Chuckie D. would be proud. God, a day in the life of an oppressed orphan sure can get one down around Christmas. I think I'm off to buy a Christmas goose for a crippled boy now.
Funny as all get. Loved the attack France option (I mean, really, it's only a matter of time).
Well constructed, nice "relive the embarassment of HS angle". Personally, would have also liked it if the protagonist had the ability to go further in time, but that's a personal preference.

Definitely will have to take a look a this again in a month or so once a few more choices are added.
Final Stand by JudgeWall Nov 29, 2004
Good, great creepy use of photos, but still fairly incomplete. It's forboding but not suspenseful at this stage (just keep plugging along, and it'll be great!)
Blind Date by Lucid Nov 29, 2004
My spouse and I had a great time playing this one together :) Very amusing!
Great, an online shaggy dog story. Very silly.
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Nov 29, 2004
Excellent use of cyoa format, really captures the first person pov of an amnesiac.
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Nov 29, 2004
Well done! Excellent use of the online format to allow the reader to experience the disorientation of the unfortunate protagonist. Very disturbing without being graphic.

The best story on this site that I've read.