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White Ocean by Mechaman Jan 25, 2004
I like how the story unfolds as you go. Nice work.
Munkey Quest! by ZyncV2 Jan 25, 2004
Mars by severenz Jan 25, 2004
The Corporate Ladder by severenz Jan 25, 2004
Such low brow tactics, such undermining, such backstabbing, betraying and cheating. Such realism.
Kinda cute so far. I like it. Just need to develop it more, is all.
The story title and the story don't seem to corrolate, and the story itself doesn't make much sense. Sorry =(
A world of dreams. Where anything is possible, the unlikely is probably, and the impossible lies just around the corner. I love this story. I feel a sort of connection for it, I don't know. It's superb. It has such amazing potential.
It looks like the beginning of a truly marvelous epic adventure. I can't wait to see the story unfold.
Time Traveller by AgentRebellion Jan 25, 2004
When I first saw the other ratings I didn't know how good of a story this could possibly be. Until I read. It's based off of Timeline, but the similarity mostly ends there. The descriptions are vivid and strong without overwhelming the page. It's logical to a degree so that it pays to make actual smart choices rather than what an author "chooses." Awesome story. Very awesome. Can't wait to read more.
Addventuring Forever by Mechaman Jan 25, 2004
Vixen Manor by CelticFrostQueen Jan 24, 2004
It most certainly seems well thought out. Fantastic use of pictures also. Enough of variety to keep ya interested, but not so much that it becomes unbearably random.
Cold December by Eldarwen Jan 21, 2004
Wow, I read all of it! It is so random, screwed up, grammatical incorrections, coincidental plot, unrealistic, so messed up it's funny, totally inane, wierd random endings, incoherent choices, and leaves me with a strange for pizza. It is not unique in this aspect, but it *is* the only story I have read that does it on purpose.
Real Life! by lewis1866 Jan 21, 2004
Haha, it's quite very funny. Gives you a good laugh.
A poor life by JackJackosn Jan 21, 2004
College by JackJackosn Jan 21, 2004
I'm sorry, maybe if this was in the humor section It might have gotten a better score, *might*. It is filled with rooms of an exceedingly large number of random choices, in which only one or two actuall continue. Sorry, guess I just don't like it much.
Rose by flamingchalupa Jan 21, 2004
A young girl going through an identy crisis. A nice short charming story.
Undeed, the quality is highly variable. Still, some of it is very good. Some of it is very random. I guess that's what you get with a wide spectrum of contributors.
Who Wants a Dollar?! by Morathi Jan 21, 2004
Yay, I got a dollar. Haha, funny and challenging.
I like it. Reminds me of Johnny English
A truly amazing story. Very good storyline no matter which path you choose. Doesn't rely on random coincidental occurances to keep the story going. A perfect 10!
The sequel to the Game Show of death, this equals if not goes beyond the first one.
I like it a lot. It's complete, and it's very good. Granted, it may not be the hardest to complete, but it is very thorough, and will have you thinking at least a bit. (or a bit more)

I can't wait to try the sequel!

(Haha, it *was* a lucky guess on the last question!)
Yay! I'm so happy to see another romance story on this site! A complete on at that. Good for you!
The Order by Cat2000 Jan 19, 2004
A great beginning. I love it!
No comment. Well, you know what I mean.
I like where this story is heading. Good luck.
If this was in the "humor" category, it might have got a higher rating from me. I expected better.
School Day by Katiegirl88121 Jan 17, 2004
RPG for Geocaching. by weaselboy Jan 17, 2004
Not bad. Could use some more work.
I don't like it.
Visual Epic by Morathi Jan 17, 2004
Hey, this is pretty cool! I really like it. Good job, I can't wait to see more.
Wild Night by SirShaguar Jan 16, 2004
Final Quest by Cat2000 Jan 16, 2004
Wow, I love this. You are an excellent writer! This is truly amazing! I am very impressed. I look forward to reading more of your stuff.
In your Dreams by cheese4face Jan 16, 2004
I give this a one. Sorry, but I'm hard on romances. Also, I suggest adding more rooms.
Amnesia by TheKoolAidGuy Jan 16, 2004
A horrible example of looping! Haha! This is the rating you would get if you room loop like this!
Risky Business by rockitten Jan 16, 2004
This is the first finished story I have ever read. Congratulations.
Summer Vacation by EnderWiggin Jan 16, 2004
Very good. I like what I see so far. Keep it up, man!
The Big 1 by NCPolice55571 Jan 16, 2004
Excellent. I'm excited to see where this is heading. Keep it up everyone!