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Yesterday by Bassoonist Nov 23, 2006
This story has one strand which is based on a real day around December 2003, and another strand based on a holiday in the South of France.

All the dull bits are true. Most the exciting bits are not.
What Ho! by AlphaDog Dec 14, 2004
Absolutely wonderful - the story line I read was pure Jeeves, and well written too.
This is fab - satisfyingly creepy and already quite a few authors. Keep it up.
A poor life by JackJackosn Feb 23, 2004
dull, dull, dull
Wild Night by SirShaguar Feb 20, 2004
I actually think Pixielaughs is hilarious. I get your point about stereotypes of gay men, but on the whole she is subverting the genre in an entertaining way. If it wasn't for Pixielaughs, this would rate a 4 at best
The Untimely Gift by rosered Feb 17, 2004
This is well written and in keeping with the original CYOA books. I look forward to more. (Can the watch stop time too?)