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Paco Valdez by donteatpoop Aug 23, 2005
Hey! I like this story thus far. You make a clear distinction between your different characters' personalities. You give the reader a nice description of the scenery, but perhaps you could expand a little more on this.

Anyway, I hope to see it continued!
The Black Citadel by funkymango Jan 18, 2005
Great story! I like the many obstacles and fights, the dice rolls and the equipment list. Maybe the character lacks some personality (we don't get to know what he thinks/feels/likes/dislikes/etc), but otherwise this is a fun CYOA-story and I can't wait for it to be 'finished'!

p.s. did you rate your own story? :P
Deja-Vu by NCPolice55571 Jan 29, 2004
It's a good idea! Original :)
Amnesia by TheKoolAidGuy Jan 29, 2004
It's kind of hard not to die in this story :/
Final Quest by Cat2000 Jan 28, 2004
I said it before and I say it again: "I love it! Can't wait till it's finished." :)