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packratt5454 packratt5454

Ratings & Comments

This story deserves a 10, just because it is so classic.
Great story man. I like the consistant storyline.
This story is really fun...And well written...But I can't believe you don't have "review rooms" on...Some people could put stupid crap on there.
"TOP GUN" by NCPolice55571 Sep 24, 2004
Badass story man. I just don't know enough about that stuff to add good rooms.
When Zombies Attack by YazZMaN Sep 23, 2004
This story has some serious potential to be really fun.. I love it so far. And will ad rooms if I can.
A Stoner Life by packratt5454 Sep 1, 2004
Oh what a lovely story
A Stoner Life by packratt5454 May 18, 2004
Ok peeps...We need to get busy on this story. Its pretty big already but we should add a shit ton.
Could be cool but too much writing if your not going to have pictures...
The Big 1 by NCPolice55571 May 1, 2004
This is a really Bitchin' Idea for a story...GOod work NCPOLICE