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Surprisingly involving.
7? severenz? Didn't even know this kind of s(n)tuff was allowed. Still crap though. It gets points for shock value only.
Ghettofarmer by englishteacher Mar 27, 2004
"The story begins in a small town in ohio
the people have been run done in the little town of bascom they have no money or goods.They have been let down by there goverment."
'Englishteacher' I hope not.
And interestingly, that quote up there is the entire story.
And I quote:"Forget this adventure and end the story now."
Sound advice. Thanks. If I keep on slagging stories like this, I'm going to end up with a 1 rating based on vengance.
Sorry. It's just that it has less content than infant school kids books. Without the pictures.
From the story itself:
"you take the job and this is a boring story. im gonna stop writing now cause i hate this story."
I did too, but somehow this made it all worthwhile. If only all terrible stories displayed this kind of ironic self referencial wit.
Hero of Asuras by SteveG Feb 5, 2004
Pretty cliched. A bit more originality would help.
HITMAN by secretscope Feb 5, 2004
New Year's Eve by Joesh Feb 5, 2004
Yesterday by Bassoonist Feb 5, 2004
Like the TV series The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin. There's a whole straight story here of a boring day at work, but with oportunities to plunge into midlife crisis style insanity! I'll have to come back to this at some point....
Final Quest by Cat2000 Feb 5, 2004
Finding a dragon may not be an original concept, but this is a good story. It's well written. The layout makes sense and it's pretty absorbing. It would be good if the left or right choices had a bit more description though, even if it's irrelevant.
Totally random quality depending on who wrote each room. Some is terrible, but other parts are cool. Overall, it's just good mindless fun which you can get lost in.
Nuke Land by packratt5454 Feb 5, 2004
Bit of a mixed bag. There's lots to do. Some of it's not that great, but there are some shocks.
Call me a boring old conservative, but I'm not sure I see the point in all the killing old people, children and tramps though. There's enough of that sort of crap in the real world...
This is a really great sci-fi action story. It's well written and paced, with some nice atmospheric detail. The battle is well planned and works as much like a game as anything. Also the different restart points are a good idea.
The Card by JackBauer2003 Feb 4, 2004
This story is like being on a high speed train heading toward a broken track. It's awful, and although you try to make choices to improve things, you soon discover that there really are no choices. It's a linear journey into disaster.
The Final Quest by severenz Feb 3, 2004
Has some interesting moments, has some funny moments, but it's pretty basic.
The Uplink World by AnthonyS Feb 3, 2004
Goodish cyberpunk start. Paranoid. Annoying maze section. It'll be better if the story gets developed more.
You know those really lazy stories where every room is one sentance long? The ones where half the options are to do with teenage wank fantasies or shooting people? With no plot?
Then you've pretty much already read this.
Snowbound! by CJW Jan 31, 2004
Diffent perspectives were cool, but it didn't really grab me.