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Listen I can’t leave a real rating until you finish this and EDIT IT. Please! I had to atop at some point because the grammer and spelling was so bad!
It's the best by MankStrom Nov 13, 2019
Just wanna say NICE JOB!!
hilarious and entertaining.
The “good things” really made me literally pick every single option!
Keep up the work
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Aug 25, 2019
I can’t stop reading this thing lol!
Blind Date by Lucid Aug 8, 2019
Great, funny, realistic. Everything you could want in a story.
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Aug 8, 2019
Wow.... I don’t even know where to start! Just amazing. I think that you are a great writer and should keep on writing-your other stories are also some of the best stories on the site.
bank robbery by lolerman Jul 29, 2019
Um... well how old are you? And that is a very short story. I would not recommend. Sry but I give you 1 star. congratulations.
eh, I’ll rate anyway. :)
Good job working on this. Iknow that it is hard to make many choices, but it would be wonderful if there was a bit more. Anyway i will rate this 10 because I think you are a good person and have a resonable story.
*Your Crush* by dami5864697 Jul 28, 2019
Ok. IT SUCKS. Wait I spelled that wrong. it sux jusst liek u. Um hello? SPELLING? And hello? STORY!!?
Loveology by rootbeer667788 Jul 28, 2019
great job!! Amazing story with a good concept. Although, it could be longer. Many choices and clean as well. Definitely a rare favorite!
aristocratic island by WoolyCroc Jul 24, 2019
funny endings but not much story. wouldknt recommend it.
i guess i cant rate this yet cause its not finished. plz finish soon and i will rate.
A weird phone by storyart Jul 21, 2019
Not exactly a phone story. More of a personality story...
Not bad for a first. And your 12.. So.. Ok I will give you a good rating.
Finished in very few areas. Couldn't even find 1 good ending. Good story otherwise.
The Love Of Your Life by magic Jul 19, 2019
Please work on it more. it has a good begining but needs an end.