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Feudal Japan by Shogun1237 Jan 7, 2020
You tried.
Geek by EndMaster Dec 31, 2019
I had a dream about this story last night. I was the geek, but I wasn't in a carnival, I was in a prison. I had a few friends and we escaped together.
If a story is so compelling that you have a dream about it, then it deserves praise.
There are few grammar mistakes, but it's still an excellent piece overall.
I'll give it a 9/10.
Welcome to the comments. This place is about as lively as MySpace or Google+ (dead)
This should not be a G-rated story,

But I liked the VSCO girl bit
Definitely more informative than a "story," but I enjoyed it. 9/10
Oh noes I had been eaten.
No exposition, poor action scenes.
Just a "meh" story overall.
the ZOMBIE!!!!! by werecat101 Oct 12, 2019
no comment
*Your Crush* by dami5864697 Oct 12, 2019
You just pick your look and that's it
Blind date by Floatingclouds Oct 12, 2019
Plz finish
Seed of humanity by Force Oct 12, 2019
Can't wait until it's finished!
Da Cave by Leblanc4prez Oct 12, 2019
Umm... what?
Infernal Gate by apotheosis Oct 11, 2019
Siege! by apotheosis Oct 11, 2019
Lol i didnt read it
Infernal Gate by apotheosis Oct 11, 2019
Ok, the story was trash, but the credits were amazing
Immature, but funniest freaking story on Infinite Story.
Escape Artist by apotheosis Oct 11, 2019
Nice story! You should complete Elite mode. I need a real challenge
Hehehe the "one-click" ending
This is the best story on Infinite Story.
Mom by number0 Oct 10, 2019