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A Random Story by giggity Jan 13, 2019
Kung fu.. Darth Vader...Autographs...Great Story.
Chuck Norris was my first battle after leaving the missingno realm. But it can’t continue..
I tried to run to the ten mile Pokémon center. I went to hell and my brain is in a Charmander’s stomach. How am I typing this?
I got magikarp rabies. Hooray me!
Zekrom killed me
This was....Interesting. I laughed too much and Why is Mater from Cars a Pokémon and why does Justin Bieber evolve into magikarp(cuz he’s bad?)
Star Wars: No Escape by beararms Jan 10, 2019
Wow this story is no mercy. You made me kill Luke. Wow. Amazing story.
Team Rocket by DankestDankBoi Jan 10, 2019
I got the Ash is my Bae ending. I didn’t expect that and thought it was a way to start the challenge. Good job XD.
The Paradox Factor by Lucid Jan 10, 2019
This was an amazing story and got me thinking. It was a great mystery!