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There are too many deaths in this and they're all too random and repetitive. ._. I'll give you a good rating because this seems interesting but its bad so far.
Triad by iiitsloriii Oct 31, 2018
This is good so far ^-^
Home. by Dabmonstermaster567 Oct 31, 2018
My gosh this story... sorry but there are a lot of issues
Puertas Aseguradas by saldrich Oct 30, 2018
This looks too much like someone else's story
This is an awesome story ^-^
The Stairwell by LizardFang Oct 28, 2018
A wonderful adventure
B*tch Test by foxykoala Oct 28, 2018
I wanted that Charmander ;-;
So many typos, awful sentences and drugs. Where do i begin to explain how awful this is?
The rating system confused me and I gave it the wrong score >.<