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high school by beanstagram Sep 15, 2018
Where do I start?

Poor grammar, too many loose ends, no plot, and no real endgame. I laughed at how terrible this story is. I've come across all too many stories just like this one. Unfortunately, all of them that I've read seem to have been written by people older than 12 (idk maybe just a guess seems like it), and this one seems to be no different.
Toilet Quest by AnonPori Sep 10, 2018
Actually better than you would expect. Quite entertaining, and few grammar mistakes.
Legend by EndMaster Aug 17, 2018
It's what I call "No Problems Here."

This is perfection. I've read this three times over the years, and it hasn't gotten boring. I usually just cheated the rolls in combat, but hey, the story was good, and that's what matters, right?
This story had no signs of laziness, nor poor grammar or poor writing quality. It was amazing, to say the least, and deserves the "ten." Good work, EndMaster (typical).
"Guarantee you'll like the story"

It was okay, I guess, but the grammatical errors in this story makes people in ROBLOX look like grammar gods.


It was pretty much the same as "*Your Crush*," so it didn't really surprise me, I was just hoping for a good read.
*Your Crush* by dami5864697 Aug 17, 2018
I've made a pact with myself to explain my reasoning for giving ratings, and I intend to keep that pact no matter how bad the story is (this story was absolute crap)
The grammar in this story radiates laziness, alongside the lazy storyline and the damn lazy author. I'll admit, I killed my lungs laughing at the poor quality of this story, so I can't help but think this story was just one big joke, because, that's what it is, a sorry excuse for a "story."
If you had tried a little harder, just a little, it may have turned out MUCH better.
All in all, it was worse than Applebees soup


Gotham's Story by Dustfinger Aug 17, 2018
Nice work. Few grammatical errors and nice writing, but it lacked the "choose your own adventure" aspect that I had in mind. It was just a retelling of the original story, but the introduction was a well-made hook. I think you should put many more rooms into this, and where the story would end (i.e. death choices, not choosing the shortcut, etc.), branch off from there and add more to the story to reinforce the "choices." Otherwise, awesome work!
I've actually read this twice, once two years ago and again today. I'm basing this review on both occasions.
It was quite good, it was intriguing and the "smarts" test was a nice little spice to add to the story. Although, the incorrect decisions were too obvious, even after the "less-obvious" warning. It was still a very entertaining story, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Dorm mates by DeathWish666 Aug 17, 2018
Welp, it was a letdown.
This story had TONS of potential, but the grammar was horrendous. There was very few lines of detail, and the story itself seemed kind of rushed. I'm not much for romances, but from the writing and how the story itself played out, it wasn't all that good