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The lurker by joke12345 Mar 14, 2017
When I read the first and second rooms, at first i was a little confused. Just because I would of explained things a little clearer. Like, why does he need to get information out of people? What is he looking for? Why does he have an ATV in the sewers? Why wouldn't you die after jumping off a 25 feet building? Is he some kind of superhero? cause that would be kinda cool depending on what you want the reader to like the main character or not? But I read on a little and i guess things become a little better. Some background information would of been nice. But if that was the whole point then I get it. I thought you described the characters are places pretty well. Who's "Pronto" the Spanish dude?
I really liked the part where he fights. It was cool how you could decide to punch kick or block. You literally fought for him, kinda. But i liked that part. I also liked the ending.
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