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The lurker by joke12345 Mar 14, 2017
There's a point of view problem in the beginning,here are quotes from the story.
"New yorkers gave him the name of the NYC demon. No one knew of his past or his plan for the criminals that disappear, they only see a giant monster."
"You laugh at what people think of you. A monster, a devil, a man with a death wish. You know they are all wrong."
"You just came in from a daily hunt and brought in 3 thugs. You know you are getting closer and closer to the mob lord. He has been your prey ever since you first started hunting. You need to get some information out of them a easy and fun way or the brutal way."

I don't know if I'm The NYC Demon or a cop.

I don't know if the lurker (the NYC Demon) is a good guy or bad guy. He seems like a bad guy at first,but later on he stars hunting after a drug dealer(s)
for example how in the beginning We're told that people are afraid of him, then he starts interrogating 3 thugs and starts going after the drug dealer's.

The Story is ok