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Madbrad200 Madbrad200

Ratings & Comments

It was a short cute romantic story.
Love SICK by EndMaster May 22, 2014
Sick,bloody twisted but very short.
Gangsta Life by Muskrat123 May 22, 2014
Also Unfinished with one plot line.
Gangsta Life by Muskrat123 May 22, 2014
Kinda funny but ALL the endings are lazy.
Funny but unfinished.
Paradise Violated by EndMaster May 22, 2014
It seemed good at first but then it just seemed lazy.
Eternal by EndMaster May 21, 2014
Absolutely bloody amazing story. It was so good, that I feel sad having to end it. There were some grammatical errors throughout and i felt as if most of the choices led to my dead. But the story was amazing and it didn't matter what i felt about the choices as the story was so good. End Master certainly has a strange mind, one could say twisted, but he is a brilliant writer.
New School by LadyLouisa May 19, 2014
Unfinished story.
Linear, So linear it's not even a IF.
Some gramacle errors but It is funny in most areas. It is rather offesive but in a funny way!
Funny but it is evidently showing off some political bias. Shame it's not finished in many areas as well.
Loop de loop
The Paradox Factor by Lucid May 19, 2014