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CRACK ATTACK! by ChubbyTeletubby Nov 12, 2011
I didnt laugh so hard in a long long long time.I give it a 10 its easily one of the most hillarious stories on this site.Everyone who gave this story a 1 are fucking idiots.
Kiddy Land by tjlinkfan Nov 11, 2011
Infinite Zero by Historyy Nov 1, 2011
Agree with Vesnicie
Special Ed by zaphod54 Nov 1, 2011
1 is the score this story truly desrves theres apsolutly nothink good about this story bad humor,no real plot just pointless story all around.
"Eventure!" by CYOAWritersGuild Nov 1, 2011
Lollik's Tale by Elyk Nov 1, 2011
Life After Life by mevergreen Oct 31, 2011
Great story deserves a far better rating and i wasnt offended at since im an atheist.
You probably 6 years old and have a lot of free time i would call this story shit,but then that word would be meaningless.
weird story by lame Oct 30, 2011
I think your username describes this story very well.
life story by lod506 Oct 30, 2011
Death watch by ColtenBobo Oct 30, 2011
LOL lyk whatevz by divinehyper Oct 30, 2011
I think this story deserves better rating this story is quite random and not well writen,but atleast thres no lose ends which a big plius for me and theres also a few funny rooms so i think a 4 is that this story really deserves.
JONSIE by purplelotus Oct 30, 2011
Why this story rating is so low i dont get it since its one of the most hilarous stories on this site a quality storie like this one should be rated at least an 8 or 9 and by the way those who rated this story a 1 should realise that randomness is more then acceptable in humor stories.
Unicorns? Yeah right by Mikala Oct 16, 2011
I cant believe i just waisted a minute reading this crap.
Its sad that this story turn out to be so bad the idea of the story is actually very good,but execution was horrible.Writing is bad and plot is pretty much non existent.This story deseves a 2,but because of great idea i give it an extra point 3 from me.
tHE cRUSH by piano Oct 15, 2011
Legend by EndMaster Oct 15, 2011
Impresive one of the best if not the best story in this site.All writers should learn from you 10 out of 10 this story is nearly flawless.
Playing sports by ychiang Oct 15, 2011
I give it a 1 just to save others from reading the most boring story in this site.
NM by piano Sep 25, 2011
The Story by Fzerowii Sep 25, 2011
Not a bad random story give you 3 for an effort.
barney kill by DSDude999 Sep 25, 2011
INTERNETS by Cheezah Sep 25, 2011
Your spelling is so bad i didnt understand this story at all.How old are you 5?At least make your story readible.I would give this story -10 unfortunatly i can 1 from me.
Didnt enjoy it bad story all around no plot,bad writing.I think you put very little effort into this story.
Life of the FacePuncher by Edli Sep 25, 2011
Wild Night by SirShaguar Sep 25, 2011
Horrible story.My question is are this story supposed to be funny?Well its not its not only unfunny this sotry also dont make any sense.I know this is your first story and i shouldnt go to hard on you,but my advice would be either improve your writing or dont write anymore of these.
Todestrieb by Vesnicie Sep 24, 2011
Pokemon by LeaderOfAkatsuki1996 Sep 24, 2011
Game is unfinished and has no story not good i give it a 3.
gangsta by travis123 Sep 24, 2011
The Plate by shadowmist777 Sep 24, 2011
WWE title match by adam1 Sep 24, 2011
wwe title match 2 by adam1 Sep 24, 2011
fight for the school 2 by adam1 Sep 24, 2011
fight for the school by adam1 Sep 24, 2011
This story sucks..thats all.
Find the Criminal by magic Sep 24, 2011
The Dark House by magic Sep 24, 2011
This is suposed to be horror storie?Not even a 6 years old will get scared reading this story.Story is just beyond horrible.
Your Weird Life by coolguy Sep 24, 2011
So much unfinished rooms its almost imposible to play.Story is not bad and if you finished it would probably be funny.I would definetly give it a 6 or 7 if you finish a story.
Gangsta Life by Muskrat123 Sep 24, 2011
Are this story supposed to be funny?
rock star by generallee Sep 24, 2011
Heaven Or Hell by Jdog Sep 24, 2011
Stupiest story on this site.Dont write any more stories please.
Random Adventure by Biasatti Sep 24, 2011
So many lose ends i cant even get to the story.Finish your story before posting it in this site now i give it 2 out of 10 and whats because im generous.
Dont waste your time reading this story.Story is stupid and dont make any sense.
Not a bad story.Writing is good,but not to detailed,story is predictible,but interesting nontheless.The only think i really dislike about the story is what its not finished,make a story private and finish it.I give it 5 out of 10 decent story.
Best story ever by emily77 Sep 23, 2011
Horrible story dont waste your time reading this.
One of the worst stories on this site.
Criminal by hep0005 Sep 23, 2011
Not good...not good at all a lot of unfinished rooms and unoriginal story.
Escape Artist by apotheosis Sep 4, 2011
Even rookie dificulty is challenging.Good job!
Youngstown Demon by donteatpoop Sep 2, 2011
Gurl PowR! by Vesnicie Aug 1, 2011
Pitch Black by TheKoolAidGuy Jul 26, 2011
Horoscopic by Felixpath Jul 26, 2011
Being 20 by Romances Jul 26, 2011
Truth or Fail by manjotc Jul 26, 2011
The World by Ghizzard Jul 26, 2011
What the hell is this?Did you call this mess a story?