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Eternal by EndMaster Oct 14, 2011
Could use more rooms, but other than that good story.
Trapped! by zaxoman Jun 30, 2011
Makes no sense. Like after you do the whole machete thing, how can you run or walk towards a door when you have a stump for a leg, doesn't even say how you can walk. At first it kinda has a story, then after that it's just random.
The Plate by shadowmist777 May 3, 2011
Truth or Fail by manjotc Apr 25, 2011
Necromancer by EndMaster Aug 17, 2010
Death Song by EndMaster Apr 29, 2010
Infernal Gate by apotheosis Apr 9, 2010
NM by piano Apr 5, 2010
Genesis by spartan008 Apr 3, 2010