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The Plate by shadowmist777 Jun 22, 2011
If this took you longer than 15 minutes to write, you should not be allowed to breed.
Pokemon Adventure by Kiaie Jun 22, 2011
Oh man, fuck just go playing Pokemon, why not strain my eyes reading an exact copy of the game without any visual aids whatsoever?! AWESOME.

Seriously, the only thing you have going for you here is that it's written grammatically correct most of the time.
Some of it was way too obvious and expected, but other than that, it was a great, suspenseful story.
For all the people saying it makes no sense, IT'S NOT SUPPOSED TO MAKE SENSE. DID YOU EVEN READ THE TITLE?

Pretty amusing, but a random adventure should not have that many endings. IT SHOULDN'T HAVE ANY ENDINGS! If a random story is all you can do, you should at least make it random. Randomness does not include endings. It includes unscrupulous room looping. And pie. 7.
Ground Zero by EndMaster Oct 7, 2009
Simply amazing. Personally, it is my favorite story here. Although there are some typing mistakes each page. I am sure that is only because you were typing it quickly though.
Love the idea, but so many people make doors with nothing behind them.
There are TONS of empty rooms.
Much of Nothing by donteatpoop Mar 20, 2009
This isn't a story. This is just a more attracting way to say two preschool level sentences.
Good job. It was little confusing, so I think it deserves a 9. Not quite a 10 yet.
This story is getting a lot less attention than it deserves. It has an original plot that no one else has done, is beautifully written, and is overall a great story. It never gets confusing and none of those annoying rooms where only one leads to a continue (unless a hint is given). I am glad that the one of the greatest writers on the site, Endmaster regarded it fondly. Keep up the good work.
*Your Crush* by dami5864697 Mar 12, 2009
The Great Conflict by apotheosis Feb 28, 2009
Fallout 3 by ONEwInGeDdEmOn Feb 28, 2009
This is absolutely horrible. try using proper grammar and don't every single choice but good karma and the city end in death. Also be sure to use the spell check.
If I could lower than 1 on the rating I would.

Fallout 3 by ONEwInGeDdEmOn Feb 28, 2009