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Be Ye Man? by yajonathan Feb 6, 2009
I'll be generous and give you a 2 for trying to be deep and meaningful. TRYING.
To be honest I didn't even spend a minute on this game because it just blows ass. With awful grammar, an unoriginal and boring story, bland detail and way too many easy deaths, everyone's already said it. Your life gone horribly wrong, more like this story gone horribly wrong. Disgraceful.
Sonic Adventure by Rexcocorps Oct 23, 2008
Not a huge fan of this type of format for choose-your-own-adventures, neither one of the old school Sonic characters that aren't even original. Call me harsh but meh, losing interest about 3 or 4 rooms into the story isn't a good sign.
Love adding to this story.
Summer Vacation by EnderWiggin Jun 9, 2008
Molly's Key by KatieWroteIt Jun 8, 2008
Of what you've done it's good, but there aren't a lot of rooms. Try to dumb down on description for things that don't really need it.
These types of stories suck. Always two options, one kills you the other continues. Fail.
This is one of those crap stories where you always have two options and one leads you to death and the other continues the story. It's also one of those crap random stories that are meant to be funny.
A Day in the Life by Xiao Jun 3, 2008
Paco Valdez by donteatpoop Jun 2, 2008
OMFGZ he rated it low!!11

Well yeah, please don't flame me like an idiot for this. There's this word called "opinion". People say the description was very "absorbing", but I didn't think so. You would have more rooms done if it wasn't for all the description at the start. Later on I could accept it but the beginning didn't draw me in due to the huge chunks of writing and genericness at the very beginning. Never personally been a fan of western things myself(again, opinion) and a horse got shot ;(

So yes, I'm probably going to be flamed to hell for this no matter what I say, but I'll say it anyway: it just wasn't MY thing.
Well, you've outdone yourself! In terms of crappiness, that is. You lazily added, like, 5 rooms then left the updating to other people like the immensely untalented PredatorKing. Write about something else.
No. Just no.
INTERNETS by Cheezah May 30, 2008
Well, I can't really say anything. It's all been said. All in all: speak proper English. Oh, and I don't think you'd die from saying "ew".
An ordinary day by sunshine7 May 30, 2008
Well it was ok I guess but not funny and quite a few loose ends.
Blind Date by Lucid May 30, 2008
Life After Life by mevergreen May 30, 2008
Get to the point! by mangofox May 30, 2008
It's not late ATM tho....
Ok first you stole this idea from a way funner flash game of the same theme and secondly this site's for having choices in a story to decide how it plays out not just clicking one option over and over with the occasional option to stop which ends it abruptly anyway.
Doctor Who by garypryke May 26, 2008
Way too many loose ends
Doctor Who by garypryke May 26, 2008
Sooooo msny loose ends....
Ok, this plain sucks. There are only ever two options, one usually leading to death. Secondly, why'd the dad set up something for you on a SCHOOL DAY and why would he have monkeys ready to kill you? And didn't you die before Bubba even knew you WTF ok it just plain sucks
ninja lengend by bloo May 21, 2008
Too short but it wasn't that bad
As good as this is, it annoys me a bit how many game doors there are.
Pokemon Jouney 2 by daniel1694 May 5, 2008
It started OK but then you just got lazy and ended it quickly. Wrong choice, you ruined it.
Pokemon Jouney 2 by daniel1694 May 5, 2008
I loved it I found no loose ends and it had a solid story. Only flaws are that in the sewers Killer croc is found down BOTH tunnels, bit of a plot hole there. Also I would have preferred more choices like when you fight the villains you have to choose what tactics and stuff. Also why'd you insult me for using a machine gun I was only joking on that one lol. Anyway, great game, one of the best I've so far seen on here.
Cops and robbers by joe60 May 5, 2008
Too short for my liking and the cop one didn't make sense. Not too shabby though just needs some work.
Cops and robbers by joe60 May 5, 2008
Adventure omfg by strongbad May 4, 2008
Anything you do kills you, and also what's up with all the damn insults when you die. Well here's an insult for you jerkward: your game sucks, your imagination sucks, your insulting ability sucks, YOU SUCK.
Adventure omfg by strongbad May 4, 2008
Pretty much everything you do kills you and you get insulted for it, well sorry for being in a game where you must die!