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New Disclaimer
The following text is for fictional characters only.
No real children or teens (to my knowledge) will be used in the making of adult stories.

No minor under 18 will see or touch (hear included for under 13) another living human or living animal with the intension of sexual arousal.

The author reserves the right to allow specific events within the storyline, with the option for them to be there just to be there (an option the reader may bypass), but not there just to shock (required reading that can't be bypassed).

A mild interest or curiosity is not sexual.
Arousal is not the same as desire, so feelings of love are allowed.
An unknown or accidental action or interaction is without intension.
Dragons, unicorns, and werewolves do not currently exist.
Robots and androids do not have human blood, and aliens are not from Earth (all are non human).

Web owner, mods, and Federal agents take note:
This disclaimer is an optional matter of taste.

In 2004 (in response to the PROTECT Act) it was ruled sexually explicit material involving children created in text form, is a part of free speech which cannot be censored or banned, no matter what the FCC thinks.