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Okey dokey, so you wanna know some things about me? Well, here ya go:

1) I'm a teen.

2) I'm in love with Harry Potter. (No, no, not in love with Harry himself, just the whole series of books and movies of course. (Although I might have a little crush on him. ANYways..))

3) Since I love Harry Potter, I'm a Hufflepuff! Love to you all!!!

4) I love love love making stories, and I've been working on a pretty weird story, and it's coming out pretty good, so that'll be on screens ooner or later.

5) You all are going to hate me, buuuut I love science. Judge me anyways....

6) My favorite show is Stranger Things, at least most of you can agree on that, right?

7) I don't have a favorite movie, but I love all the Harry Potter one's.

8) My favorite restaurant is Texas Road House all the waaay! I also like Red Robin with their never-ending fries. YUM

9) I think I'm annoying right now, since I'm talking so much, so there's that.

10) I promise, this is the last thing. I might not seem like it right now, but I am 99% introvert and 1% extrovert.

SO, there ya go! And be waiting for my really weird story coming out. :)