The Adventurous McGurn

You live in a world of contrasts; the mundane, everyday world carries on around you but you know that darkness and adventure are out there.
A hundred adventures, a hundred stories, a hundred lives.
You have lived them all and have finally walked away from adventure.
You're too old for this shit.

Now, you live a normal life, going to work, seeing friends, going home.
You have put your adventuring behind you.
Yet, the nightmares keep you awake at night. You can feel something, pulling at you, drawing you back.
As much as you have tried, you don't know how longer you can resist the call.

Having had a terrible day at work, you step out of the office and leave the building as quickly as possible.
Nightmares, grasping things and dying screams, have kept you awake all weekend and you really need to get some rest.

You leave, walking across the carpark, and look for your phone.
You have a message!
As you are about to open it, you hear a noise from behind you...