Men of Science

Your headlights are the only lights on the freeway and the night is glowing with stars. A few thin threads of cloud hang from the heavens, glowing from the stars behind them. The moon is waxing and intense. You glance over at your employer; he is asleep beside you, his head leaning up against the window. He snores quietly, a soft whistle on the exhale. He’s a slender older man in his late forties. A neat little beard adorns his face and the moon reflects dimly on his head.

Maybe this was a stupid move, you think; driving out here with him. Abandoning everything. You try to shake the thought from your mind and turn on the radio. You slide in a CD... Yes, a CD. The car belonged to Doctor Verrückt. It was old but it still ran well. In fact, you grudgingly admit, it runs really well. The doctor is good with machines and he’d built this one well. Verrückt is often heard saying; “She has some tricks up her sleeve.” Glancing down at the speedometer and you can’t help but agree. The re-purposed funeral hearse was pushing 120 and you felt zero wind turbulence.

You slow down a bit to better align yourself with the speed limit on the freeway. Still a little fast, but better aligned. It doesn’t matter if this is a stupid move, you decide. It’s too late for any of it to matter. Your fingers reach for the joint in your pocket and you spark it to life, rolling down your window just a crack to take the smoke out.

Rather than going to college, you had entered the workforce at a menial job in which you somehow excelled. You got promoted twice before they closed the place down and moved the business to another country whose wage demands weren’t as steep as those in the US. Factory work was your next stint. The monotonous, thankless job was thankfully short lived.

There was an ad on Craigslist. “Assistant needed. Basic understanding of chemistry and biology required.” You exchanged a few emails and arranged for a meeting. Turns out Doctor Verrückt is bit of an experimental scientist. Perhaps not specifically what your mother had warned you about, but near enough. The job came with a good wage that included meals and shelter.

Doctor Verrückt is a bit strange at times, but he’s certainly not dangerous. At least you always thought. Up until a few hours ago, that is. You aren’t so sure anymore. You’re even less sure about why you decided to help him escape instead of leaving him behind to deal with the mob. That’s not true, actually. You know why you decided to help him escape. You helped him escape because he seems like a decent guy and you are loyal to a fault. He’s a bit mad, sure; but who isn’t?

You have 1 choice: