And in this aspect, Instagram is one of the most important and popular social networks due to the wide variety of attractions it offers to users. All this is thanks to its constant updates.
The primary purpose of Instagram is to be a bridge for effective, convenient, and secure communication to users. But it also offers additional features such as uploading drawings figures and even adding effects to your content, giving a unique and original touch to your posts.
Among the most innovative features offered by Instagram, we have 'Stories,' which can be very useful, is a term referring to Instagram stories. Here we will tell you what Instagram stories are how these stories work.
In addition, we will tell you some simple tricks for sharing multiple answers in a single story on Instagram, and we will tell you with question ideas for Instagram Stories.
What are Instagram stories?
Because it is typical of social networks, the goal is to meet the expectations of its users. Creating new alternatives to communication, as is the case with 'Instagram Stories.' In' this section, you can express thoughts and ideas with your followers, where you have the option to include videos of different lengths, thus expanding the connection between the user and his followers.

How ig story viewer work

Instagram stories represent a multifunctional section, as it has tools that will allow you to enhance the ideas you want to convey, such as questions. And so be able to consolidate the contact between the user and follower continuously.
Those people who have a high level of followers, and are well requested, can use this section and thus be able to answer the questions they ask. Using this function, you will be able to give course to your imagination, being yourself. This feature will help you get more likes and also have fun.

How you can share multiple replies in a single Instagram story

It'sIt'sortant to keep an eye out for updates to your Instagram app so you have access to these new features that the platform provides you with no hassle. With that in mind, let's a look at the following steps on how to share multiple replies on Instagram:
• Log in from the Instagram app. Once you go into the app, you will locate the section that will allow you to create a new story. Clicking on your profile picture in the upper left is called 'You' Story.' Various options are shown here, but just select the section that says 'Create.'
• Multiple options. When you are in the 'Create' section, you will be shown other options again; you will need to select 'Questions.' A bubble icon will immediately appear saying 'Ask'me a question' bu' you can change that by editing and adding the question you want. Once this is done, you have to click on 'ready,' and your question will be sent.

• Expect a response from followers. You can easily see the responses of your followers, which you can place just below your story. To answer them, you have to click on them, and you are ready.
• Share various answers. This section also allows you to share various answers to your story; let's how.
An easy trick to share multiple answers
Many are wondering how you can share multiple replies in the same story on Instagram because this section doesn't give you a chance to do so. But if you need help, here are the steps:
• Answers to your question. Once you are in the answers section, you will be shown the 'Share Answer' option giving you the option to place it wherever you want, even leaving room for other answers.
• Download. Once you've selected the 'Share reply' option instead of sending, you will click 'download.' You can see this option in a down arrow icon.

• Select download photo. You must click on the photo you downloaded with the answer. You will need to repeat the same procedure for each answer until you have shared the answer group you want.
'Sto'Stories'tagram Question Ideas
There are many questions you can add to your Instagram stories, but they should usually be related to the story you currently have posted. This is in order to know the opinion of your followers regarding the subject of the same.

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For example, if your story talks about goals to achieve, we might ask, Have you ever set a goal? If, on the other hand, you talk in your story about caring for planet earth, you might ask the following question: How do you contribute to caring for the planet?
• There are many questions you can ask your followers. Additionally, you can add music to your questions and answers, adding a personal touch to this section.
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