Everything Went Dark

My hella!!!! Welcome to the Ultimate Choose-Your-Own-Adventure story!! This is a gift from me to my lovely homies. I literally poured my soul into this and I really really hope you all enjoy it!! You guys brighten my day and make me so so happy. I love you guys!! But if anything doesn't make sense, is confusing, or like really really weird, please ask me and I'll clarify!! I wrote this anytime I could, so I wrote it at school, at 2 A.M., or even typed some out on my notes app then copy/pasted!! Oh! And I decided to add Emma, Elliana, and Addie in a bit later, and then Jordan, and then just when I was getting close to finishing, I added Siera and Wade!! So some plotlines have no reference of them(cause I didn't want to rewrite it lol sorry!!) but the newer plotlines have them!!

I also wanted to clarify something very important. This is entirely fictional. It has swearing, a ton of violence, and some triggers. This story has us murdering each other, being petty bitches to each other, and it has a lot of dark humor. It also doesn't 100% match with your real life personalities and character traits, and I apologize for that. I tried my best, but sometimes me changing some things about you guys made it easier to write. Which is why I'm apologizing again, in case that offends anyone.

Trigger Warnings:
The major warnings include: suicide, mind manipulation, dissociation, gaslighting, so much murder, and much much more, I just forget what the hell I wrote. I didn't include any trigger warnings because I only thought about doing so as I am wrapping this up, so I'm really really sorry about that. If you 100% don't want to read something, but you think it's in here, please let me know and I will tell you what to avoid.

((Writing quality is shit btw))

Oh! Final thing: The true ending has credits at the end!!

Anyyyywaaaaays have the most fun!!! Mwwwwaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh :DDDDDDDDD <333333333
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