The Chestnut

You're back!?

No surprise there.

Due to the overwhelming success and acclaim that The Church received, JackalPappy Studios is proud to present the long awaited sequel to the fan favorite RPG!

That's right! The wait is finally over! You asked for it, and here it is!

JackalPappy Studios Presents:


Now, things are going to work a little different in this game. The main thing you will notice is that there will no longer be 4 "separate games" as it was in our signature title.

The Chestnut will be set in ONE concurrent universe. The gameplay, similar to before will still feature the player(Same base character from before) posed with 4 speech or action options for each quest or scenario they are in, randomly assorted as before,so it will be up to the player to decide, which one advances the now linear storyline onto the next quest. The basis for these choices will also be in the same "A, B, C, D, Neutral, Good, Evil, Chaotic" fashion, but only the factual, or "neutral" choice will progress the player through the storyline, leaving a similar "Trial and error" pattern for the player to discover(If you pick the right option right away, feel free to go back to check out the others for a plethora of hidden Easter Eggs, and plenty of "What If?" scenario's in each quest!)

As with our first award winning game, there is much to discover, problems to solve, and secrets abound! But with any masterpiece, there are also flaws, so if you do notice any inconsistencies or oopsie-daisies, remember that the content of this game does not reflect factual accounts of what happened 100%, but merely as the creator remembers them from his perspective!

As always, take your time, enjoy and above all, HAVE FUN!

-Andrew Ray

C.E.O. JackalPappy Studios
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