Rift Station: Open Worlds

In the darkness between the fringe systems of Human and Emittier space, there is a gargantuan spherical city of titanium walkways and reinforced glass. Housing two hundred thousand sapient lifeforms, it is the gateway to the farthest reaches of the universe, and countless other planes beyond this reality's veil. The Humans call it Rift Station; the name in the Emittier tongue means 'Possibilities'.

Forum thread

Trying for a HOID killer here, or at least a fun collaborative thing that will be open to the public and hopefully become massive one day.

The intro pages and links are set up to allow jumping off points in many places, in addition to access to the actual wormhole. Other than the sci fi framework I'll be trying to keep things as open as possible. No pressure, no deadlines, just claim a link and spin it off into your own adventure.

NOTE TO AUTHORS: If you want to leave a prompt link available for others to spin off from on your own pages, mark it with an (o) for open after you create it. Just make sure to be courteous to other authors and don't take links they haven't marked the same way.

Pages that are just two or three sentences of low effort fluff will be removed, and if you're a native speaker, don't commit crimes against the English language. (And I can tell the difference between Engrish and typing like you're texting, thanks.) Otherwise, have fun.

Suggested reading for the grammatically challenged:

It's/Its, Your/You're, and Their/They're/There explained.

Dialogue punctuation aka how not to enrage Mizal.

The Grammarly Handbook for an overview of all this and more.

If you like this story about bouncing around the universe to unknown places, you will probably enjoy the show Stargate SG-1, which was like the peak of the golden age of late 90s/mid-naughts sci fi television. You should also play the text game Skybreak!, because it is made of pure joy. Or download this free classic adventure game based off Frederick Pohl's 1977 novel Gateway.

And obviously you should read Gateway, which was a major inspiration for this story. You like to read, right? You're on a writing site.
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