Interdimensional Traveler

You find a portal to parallel universes...(similar to the Sliders series of the mid-90's, but you have more control over trans-dimensional travel than they did...)

You can have all kinds of great adventures here. You might find yourself in a world populated almost exclusively by clones of a your actress and a diabolical Sansevieria leaf with eyes, hands, and conscious thought. Or you may find yourself as one of only a few humans in a zombie wasteland of an Earth. You might even find yourself in a marijuana kingdom, where you briefly hallucinate being turned into an animal. Just try not to get eaten by a bear or wind up in the dimension where North Korea has taken over the world, for godsake!

You could even find yourself in a world where dogs are as big as dinosaurs.

There's also a world where plants are sentient and humans grow in pots without conscious thought.
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